Friday, December 2, 2011


Dear Jen,

At small group today we were asked how to pray for our baby. Greg and I had different requests and I don’t believe it’s a bad thing. We are processing things differently so why would we not have different requests?

I have asked people that our journey towards this baby would bring Glory to God and that our baby would as well. Greg is asking first for her not to be Down Syndrome. He says he has to ask the Lord for what he would desire for her most and it would be for her not struggle. In this, Thy will be done. He will love and accept her regardless but this is what he will ask.

One of our friends mentioned that Greg’s children have really brought Greg to his knees. With our struggle to get pregnant with our first two and now in this the Lord has taught Greg to talk to Him about them all. During these times it is when I have become more dependent on my community because I do not have the words or even know how to pray. I depend on these people to pray for me. Both are good; both have taught us much.



Even to this day Levi and I handle our experience with Elisabeth so differently. My prayer is that your differences will continue to unify you and not cause dissension.


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