Monday, December 12, 2011


Dear Jen,

Lately I’ve been wondering how we’re supposed to announce our baby’s birth now that some people know that she has the potential to have Down Syndrome? Everyone will want to know now as soon as she is born. How should the text to friends read?

<Born at 8:57am, Nameless Baby, 8lbs, 5oz, Down Syndrome> or <Born at 8:57am, Nameless Baby, 8lbs, 5oz, does not have Down Syndrome>

SERIOUSLY!!! Then if she doesn’t, I am again fearing people’s reactions of wanting to “praise the Lord.”  Would you not praise the Lord if she was? Jen, seriously, struggling here!

A few days later…
I asked my doctor today when we would find out if our baby has Downs and she said the test results may not come back for 5 to 7 days. This was comforting to me because I no longer have to worry about how to announce how she is doing. People will know in time.




This is complicated! Sort of glad the question is answered, but this totally hits a nerve with me.

I don’t know if there’s a book that’s popular or something that promotes this, but I keep hearing everyone say “God is good.” (OK, I know the book that originally said it is the Bible, but for it to be on everyone’s tongue all of a sudden? I mean, it’s definitely a true and good thing, but…well, read on….) So what makes me so crazy is that it’s said as though the THING that happened MADE Him good. “My husband got a job! God is good!” “We finally got pregnant! God is good.” “I passed my exams! God is good.” These aren’t false statements, but one really has nothing to do with the other; those accomplishments have NOTHING to do with His goodness! They’re totally separate. He’s good when we’re unemployed, and infertile, and failing out of college. Period. I know it seems like I’m splitting hairs, but I think a more appropriate response is to praise God because certainly all good things do come from Him, but His character (as in God IS good) has nothing at all to do with these things.



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