Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Fire Alarm

Dear Jen,

A few nights ago our fire alarm started chirping in the middle of the night. Not only is that sound super annoying but its right at the bottom of the stairs to both the girls and our bedroom. What is even more annoying than that is Greg can sleep through it! I finally nudged him and told him if I weren’t pregnant I would go downstairs and get on a chair to pull the battery out but I just couldn’t do it. In a fog he went downstairs and pulled the battery out. An hour later I hear the chirp again. What the…?

The whole day went by and it was in the middle of the next night that the fire alarm began to chirp. I hit Greg and asked him if he changed the battery. He said he hadn’t but there was no battery in the alarm. I told him he had to get out of bed and get a battery because I am not going another night where its harder to sleep than it already was. This whole time I am feeling badly about my bossiness but COME ON!

The third night it begins to chirp. SERIOUSLY! After smacking Greg and waking him up he tells me that he put a new battery in last night so he has no idea why its chirping. I let it go because I could tell he was not getting out of bed. The next morning he took the fire alarm and after investigating we figured it must be too old and we need a new one so he threw it outside in the garbage.

The fourth night I hear the chirping! Jen, seriously, I thought I was losing my mind. Come to find out we had been working with the wrong fire alarm. There is another one in the living room that we didn’t think to check and because it was so loud we just assumed it was the one closest to our room. OY!


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