Friday, December 16, 2011


Dear Jen,

We’ve had an fetal echo-cardiogram and her heart looks good! I am so grateful for this. Through our journey towards children I realize that its not about if our baby is a boy or girl, if they are smart or dumb, ugly or cute, healthy or unhealthy, it’s about us loving them and wanting to be with them, whoever they are. I’m really looking forward to holding our baby.

We had another ultrasound and everything is progressing well. They still plan to monitor me a lot which is annoying but as the doctor who joked with me when I came in for the fetal echo-cardiogram “Are you here because you’re old?”  I laughed out loud!  YUP! Apparently, 37 is over the hill these days.

Here is a picture of our cutie patootie! I swear she looks like June!




Love her already.


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