Monday, December 5, 2011

Healing & Prayer

Dear Jen,

Do you remember this story from Lent, earlier this year?


During Lent I really wanted to wait on an answer from the Lord. I have heard people make comments about praying for the healing of June’s hearing loss and for some reason it has always rubbed me the wrong way. At the same time I believe we need to ask for healing and have prayed for June. I wanted to have peace with what to tell people when they suggest praying or even imply that we don’t have enough faith. A week or two into Lent, Kate e-mailed and asked people to pray for her college roommate’s son who is profoundly deaf. I was more than willing to pray but again felt this irritation. Was it because I felt when people implied prayer was needed, they were implying something was wrong with my child? Was it because my child wasn’t healed and now you’re asking me to pray for someone else’s?

I continued to ask the Lord about this and tried to figure out what my feelings were. I was talking to my sister-in-law, April, who also has two children with hearing loss. I was telling her about how I was feeling and how mainly I am upset because I don’t think anything is wrong with June. She was created by God and I think she is great the way she is.

We were having this discussion on Good Friday (the last day of Lent) and she told me she hung out with her step-sister, Jen, the night before. They were watching one-hour documentaries on different topics and one of them was on healing. April expressed to Jenny some of the feelings I had been having and Jen said “But the Lord has healed.” April looked at her like, “What?” And, Jen said “The Lord has healed you so that you can see your child as whole.” It was my answer! How amazing. My daughter is whole in my eyes and we are healed!


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