Monday, December 19, 2011


Dear Jen,

These past weeks have flown by. I’ve noticed after I sent my last update to a few friends and family that because I said our baby is doing well and all is well they assumed she doesn’t have Downs Syndrome. I don’t want to go around saying “She’s healthy but she might have Downs” so I have decided to let it go. She is who she is and I’ll just update them on tests as I feel comfortable.

Now at 32 weeks, I had another ultrasound. Things look good for baby. They are concerned my amniotic fluid is high. It was really high with June. I remember when they broke my water the nurse was running around saying she’d never seen anything like it and couldn’t find enough towels. My level was at a 23 (not sure if this is–oz, mm, jigawatts…). Normal range can be up to 24 BUT somehow he is very concerned about me. I’m really starting to get annoyed with this concern. Almost every test I have taken I have been in the normal range but close to the abnormal. How is it if I am within normal range they have to freak out?!  SERIOUSLY!!

Here is their next proposed plan: Two non-stress tests (NST) a week, one ultrasound a week, and one doctor’s appointment a week. Somehow, I need to fit those in while taking Catina to and from preschool three times a week, June’s speech therapy two times a week, June’s doctors appointments and well…just plain living life like, um, maybe going grocery shopping? The NST I took this week took an hour and fifteen minutes excluding drive time. I’ve convinced my doctor to let me just have one NST a week until 36 weeks. The specialist is the one who has been pushing for all the extras. I will see my doctor again on Wednesday and ask if I can cut down on ultrasounds as well. I just don’t see the point. Oh, and the specialist says if he sees the fluid continue this week I can just retake that 3 hour glucose test again. Why don’t I just move into the hospital until she is born?

I had a day of contractions last week where they were ten minutes a part. I think it was due to dehydration. I did not bring this up to the specialist because who the heck knows what he would do with me then?!

Trying to stay calm and educated in this mess of being an old lady having a baby.



So glad you talked your doc into a little more reasonable schedule! Now if only Catina could drive herself to preschool, you’d be pretty set.


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