Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Art Party

Dear Jen,

Four years ago we were invited to party by our friends, Jeff and Kim Russell. For almost 20 years they had been meeting with the same couples, exchanging handmade Christmas presents. They decided to mix the party up and invited us! We were, and still are, so honored to be included in this fun celebration.

This year I created earrings from the rocks found in front of the Russell’s cottage in the upper peninsula of Michigan.

Taraneh received my gift this year. Could someone tinier have sat next to me?! She is so enthusiastic about whatever you make so it’s a great person to pick your gift. You feel like you are an art genius.

I got Kim’s gifts this year! She made three different snow globes. I haven’t taken them out of their box yet because I know the girls will love them. I also know they love dropping glass snow globes so they are staying hidden for awhile.

I made this record purse last year with the help of my Mom.

I don’t sew so she helped create the purse part.

I know this picture is super blurry but wanted to show you Greg’s project. He made a decorative bowl out of sticks. I love how the women are all huggy about their projects and the guys are all business-like about their exchange. You can see Taraneh’s hand in this picture. Again, super-cheerleader telling Greg what a great job he did!


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