Monday, December 26, 2011

Last Baby Post Until She’s Here?


Thursday I had an ultrasound. The doctor mentioned a few things and since they will never find anything perfect with this pregnancy I decided to blow it off and not worry about. I have googled something only once this entire pregnancy because it’s not really worth the misinformation I could be getting. Friday I had a doctor appointment and a few things really started to make sense to me.

They have found that the cord to the placenta may not be giving baby blood and oxygen like they would like it to. It’s borderline (that’s our story with everything) right now but because of this I have found three things that make more sense:
  1. This could be why my blood test tested positive for Down Syndrome. Other abnormalities are picked up through that test such as placenta issues.
  2. This is why my doctor has mentioned stillbirth in most of my appointments. She never mentioned she believed stillbirth could be prevented until this appointment.
  3. This is why I go to non-stress tests (NST). They want to make sure the baby is moving in a healthy manner.
It’s great to have this puzzle fall into place but I will say for the first time I’ve started to become concerned. It’s all on me if I don’t feel her move as much, and if for any reason I am concerned I need to go to the hospital to have an NST. Sometimes I don’t notice her all day while tending to the kids. Next week we will be scheduling an induction for some time during the first week of January. If I go into labor naturally that is fine, but they don’t want me going past my due date. Right now they think she is 8lbs so I’m fine with not going much longer!

Please pray for these last few weeks. This has been a peaceful pregnancy despite what the doctors have said and we’d love for her to be born in peace as well. I will be induced on January 5th and if for some reason I am not dilated before then I will be spending the previous night and they will give me something to dilate. I am hoping we won’t have to spend that extra night away from the girls!



Wow, I can’t believe we’re at this point. I’m starting to get paranoid if we don’t connect at some point every morning.

Although I hate that you have to live with that pressure of monitoring her, I’m also glad to see these pieces of the puzzle falling into place and things making a little more sense. Of course there are still lots of question marks about baby, it’s nice to have some more information.
Definitely praying. I really pray that God would give you a kind of sixth sense so you would be able to feel her squirming and kicking, and that you would be able to continue experiencing the peace I know has been such a part of this pregnancy.


P.S. How cute is that thumb-sucker?!

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