Friday, April 20, 2012

Sippy Saga


I have this thing with sippy cups. Even though we are constantly misplacing them, I refuse to buy more. I only want as many as we can use right now (which is 6: 3 milk cups, 3 water cups).

Recently a kind friend noticed my shortage and came to my house with TWO NEW SIPPY CUPS. Can you believe the nerve? I can't even describe the panic that set in. What will I do with 2 extra cups? To what beverage will I assign them? Will they fit in the kitchen? Will I ever gain control again? My life is unraveling!

I'm actually not kidding.

"Stuff" makes me panic. The clutter of kids--beautiful, desired, beloved kids--can be difficult to manage. Most people see extra sippies as a help, but I see it as one more piece of clutter that I'll have to make room for, and it will be a reminder of the one that sits at the bottom of the hamper, forgotten about until laundry day.

What cracks me up, though, is how different we are. You are a total minimalist when it comes to stuff in your house, and yet I can bet you have a million sippies in your cupboard, knowing it's better to have a spare rather than stop life to search for the lost one.

What's the balance for you?



First off, I love how you think I'm so together and organized. Sometimes I am glad we live far a part so you can continue to believe this is true!

Sippy cups have been my demise. They fall all over the place, never seem like they are completely clean and I still haven't found one I love. I do like some styles, but June's speech therapist has suggested we use straw cups, and although this sounds great, it this makes it even harder to clean and most of all I hate leaking! The saying "Don't cry over spilled milk" does not work in my house. Oh, and why do the bottoms all have to be different sizes so they don't all fit nicely in the variety of cup holders we have?

Photo taken by Ann
I cannot wait to get rid of sippy cups. Maybe more so than the bottles that continue to fall off the rack and onto a dirty floor. AAAAAAAAHHHH!




Yes, straw cups are gross. After this smoothy these went into the garbage. Strawberry seeds do not easily come out of soft, plastic straws:

But these are actually the kind I SWEAR by. This is all we use now, and I've always found them at Target (Playtex Lil' Gripper Spout Cup).

Had to share!



  1. I had plans to have matching glasses. I was 35, and thought it was time. I was waiting to break enough to justify buying a set.
    I came home from work and my sweet 8 yr old bought me a bunch of glasses from a garage sale. I guess he noticed we were running low. He used his own money. I had panic set it. Do I keep them, how long before I phase them out, am I an awful mom.
    So, fast forward 4 yrs. I just got my matching glasses. Thank you Ikea and birthday. Now know one can find their cup and I am washing 2-3 times as many a day. (no dishwasher)
    I guess I should spend less time planning and more time being thankful.

    1. What a great attitude! We are very fortunate to live where we do and have the things we do. So precious that your son bought cups for you.