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Earlier this month our family was sitting down for dinner and I was telling Greg about Ada’s therapy session from that afternoon. Catina was listening and said, “I’m the only normal one, right?” I stopped myself from laughing out loud because really, who is normal? I asked her why she thought she was the only normal one and she told us because no one comes to help her at the house like they do for Ada and June. We talked with her about how some day she may need help with things as well, but for now we are grateful for her health and abilities that God has given her.

One afternoon during quiet time I was watching this great episode of Glee where one of the main characters who is a cheerleader and happens to have Down syndrome was the highlight of the show. Catina has overheard us talk about Down syndrome and she has asked a few questions about it, so when she walked up to the screen I pointed out the teen who had DS. I was holding Ada at the time and after she looked at the girl on the screen she looked at Ada, started rubbing Ada’s head, and in her grown up voice said “Well, aren’t you just our cutie?!”

Ada with her second cousin Rebekah (photo take by Judy Hewett)

Recently a children’s book was recommended to us by Greg’s Aunt Judy, who also has a daughter with Down syndrome. Its called “We could paint the Octopus Red!” It’s a great book about how this little girl is waiting for her little brother to be born and she wants to know what kinds of things she can do with her little brother and she comes up with a fun list of things to do with him when he is a bit older. The day the brother is born the family finds out he has Down syndrome. Of course the little girl wants to know what that means and if he'll still be able to do all the fun things on the list. Soon she finds out he'll be able to do everything she dreams about, so she continues to be excited that he is coming home. TEARS!

We continue to learn more about what Down syndrome means, but for now we realize we have this cute little baby who likes to smile. The first few weeks Ada was home I thought about it almost every minute but now I only think about it a couple of times a day in a matter of fact way. I’d say in the same way I do about June’s hearing loss or Catina going to kindergarten next fall. SERIOUSLY, can you believe Catina will be in kindergarten?!




I really love your honesty.

Most of us have no idea what it's like to have a child with a special need. I remember asking if you ever woke up and thought it was all a dream--not so much that it's all so horrible, it's just more to juggle and think about than most of us will ever have to consider. But we get a glimpse of it through your eyes, and for that I'm grateful.

(And regarding kindergarten, I'm just glad you're going through it first!)


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