Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Girls' Room

For years now (10 to be exact), I've wanted to redo our bedroom. Ever since we knew Ada was coming along we had decided to switch bedrooms with the girls; the plan was to take the smaller room and give them the bigger one. Here is our before and afters of the girls' room. Our house was built in 1901 and I'm almost positive the wallpaper is from the original owner! Not really, but...well, just maybe.


So...I was waiting to take the "reveal pictures" on the day when we had completely redecorated and the room was perfectly clean, but since that only last seconds, the picture below is as close as I could get.

One thing I love is the curtains we ordered from Kohls. They block out light and sound and it really has helped the girls sleep better. Sleeping at the back of the house as helped, too, because they don't hear the neighbor leave at 6am which promptly wakes them up. I'm loving sleeping in until 6:45 am (insert sarcasm here)!


I made these out of tiny canvases.

Greg built in these dressers and book shelves which really save space.

Some day the white beds will be bunk beds but the girls are a bit too young for that. Next year!

June checking out Ada's crib.

The girls holding hands in their sleep. TEARS!


  1. Oh Ann!! I LOVE IT!! Greg did a masterful job!

  2. Awesome! I love bead boarding, and I especially love the dressers with the initials above each one!

  3. I love it! Those shelves are amazing! And your canvas idea was great, too ... I know your room doesn't pertain to this blog, but would love to see how it turned out, too!