Tuesday, November 20, 2012



We haven't even hit Thanksgiving yet and my mind is reeling. It's been quite a few years since I felt this way. I make a conscious effort to be done with my Christmas shopping by Thanksgiving so that I can just enjoy the Christmas season and all the events that come with it, but this year has caught up with me. Lately,I can only think about one week at a time, which doesn't allow much for planning ahead.

We've celebrated Advent since the beginning of our marriage but even more intensely in the past five years. Advent means "coming" and we focus on preparing our minds for Christ's coming. When I miraculously was pregnant with June it was amazing to walk in the footsteps of Mary. June's due date was Christmas day so we could follow her journey closely. Greg and I felt deeper emotions that year about the coming baby and reading about Mary.

This season has become a time of reflection and worship on the One we are aiming to live for. I hit a crazy wall last week with stress. I tend to take things in stride. When my phone broke and after five long drives to the store and crazy outrageous stories of why I couldn't get a phone which then left me without one for four days, I was calm. When the roofer said he'd be done with our roof by Monday and Thursday came around and they were stilling pounding during nap time, I was calm. When Greg decided to fix the light in our kitchen which turned out to be a bigger project than expected, I was calm. When someone backed into my car so I could no longer get out my door, I was calm. When I received a bill for Ada's echo-cardiogram that happened this past January along with the bills from her birth, I started to feel the pressure. And then when we received five party invites for the same week all on different nights, I started to freak out!

What will my Advent look like? Will I experience peace? Will I experience the anticipation of His coming? Will I deepen my belief and revel in joy? 

I am going to chose to spend our Advent focused on Him and most likely we are going to have to say "no" to some really great things. Hopefully I will take the time to share more about how we celebrate Advent. For now I ask for your prayers. That we would truly celebrate this upcoming Advent season and that we don't give in to the busyness that this season can bring.

He is coming!




Prayers indeed.


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