Thursday, November 1, 2012



This is the first year June really understood what was happening as she walked to each home. By the time we got to the third friends' home she looked at me with her huge eyes and said "CANDY?!" It has been a fun tradition visiting friends by car and then stopping at another home as our final destination for cider and donuts and a walk through their neighborhood.


Oh Mom!

Catina at her school party.

June at her school party.



Yes, our boys definitely understood it this year, too! To the extent that I had to leave our church's "trunk or treat" party because I could not stop them from eating candy. I'd lost all control.

I'd purchased three pirate costumes for the boys and made that our theme. When we tried on the outfits pre-Halloween little Levi wanted nothing to do with it--he wanted to wear the exact same Buzz Lightyear shirt he wears every single day of his life and pretend that was his costume. This is why it's wise to purchase $4 costumes from a resale shop.


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