Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Catina's Golden Birthday


Catina turns six today! She keeps calling it her golden birthday since she's six on the sixth. 

Catina is my baby of faith. Waiting and believing that some day she'd be here and then when she was here sometimes feeling guilty that I wasn't always happy that she was. Being a parent is hard work and when she'd have a temper tantrum or act outright defiant I was beside myself wondering what I did wrong. I've learned since then to not believe the lies that created guilt and to allow myself to be frustrated or disappointed and to pray and consult with Greg on how to be a better help to her.

Picture by Clay Carnill

This past week I helped out at her Halloween party and it was an overwhelming feeling of amazement as the party carried on. I had a few moms come to me to tell me how Catina is the talk at home and how their kids just really love Catina. My response was always the same in stating that Catina loves people and she's a great girl. Every time the mom would reiterate that she was truly special. 

A few weeks ago Catina received a note from a boy that told her he loved her. I wasn't really sure how to take it and when she asked me to read it I read it very casually. I didn't want to make a big deal about the love part but inside I was freaking out a tiny bit. At the Halloween party the little boy's mom told my mom that her son had some behavioral issues and that he was so grateful for Catina for befriending him and that he wanted to express how much he loved her. Really? How sweet is that? Not only that Catina was doing a good job being a friend but that he was appreciative and wanted to let her know. That's incredible!

Picture by Clay Carnill

Catina's teacher has written us a few notes stating how much she loves having Catina in class and that she wishes she could keep her. She describes her as amazing, kind, and smart, and she came up to me at the party and told me that kids want to be around Catina because she shares.

Ever since preschool Greg has done such a great job explaining the purpose of our lives, to love God and to love others. He'd ask Catina daily who she loved at school that day and would ask her to find someone who may need extra help and to love on them. It's one thing for us to teach these things to Catina but at that Halloween party I was overwhelmed by how much Catina is living that out. 

Picture by Clay Carnill

Before the girls go to bed we pray together and we ask them if there is anything they'd like to tell Jesus. Catina's answer every time is "Tell Him I love Him more than anything else!"

What an incredible gift my oldest daughter is! There are times I can be critical and see the things she needs to work on but experiencing a day like the Halloween party I'm reminded about how amazing she is. 

May she continue to love Him with all her heart, soul and mind, and may she always love her neighbor as herself. Be with me in prayer for our children that they will live this out.



I'm so glad you were able to hear from others what a great girl you're raising. You know how intimidated I am to pass along my faith to my kids, so this is a good lesson for me: Just do it and at some point they start to live it out!

Happy Birthday, Catina!


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