Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Trip to the ER


Today I write to you with no encouraging words but just to let you know how I am doing. I am exhausted and deflated. I was hoping my last post would detail the end of the hoopla of life hitting me but, no, it wasn't. I hadn't left the house from this past Thursday until Monday night. Here's why...

We left for Texas the Friday before Thanksgiving and came back that Tuesday. The trip was good, it was just all the traveling. Four planes, three kids, 1000 suitcases (ok so it felt like 1000), weird naps, 1,000 miles of walking (I might not be exaggerating on this one) random food, and the list goes one. My kids did amazing! I don't think there was one meltdown. They love being with their cousins so their favorite stuffed animal could be on fire and they'd be fine. 

Cousins at Sea World!
Wednesday, our first full day home, was going to be a day of rest. June threw up most of the day. We put sheets down randomly on furniture and the rug because you never knew when it was going to happen. The kid never even whimpered! Thanksgiving was a throw-up-free day but June kept complaining about her mouth hurting and started screaming when she ate. Since she is not a complainer I knew it was bad. I took her to the doctor who couldn't find anything wrong. We were waiting for a nurse to come in with June facing me when she got this look in her eye and she puked all over me. From the top of my shirt to the bottom of my pants. The nurse was taking a really long time so I started to yell "Help!" Of course, I didn't want to be too dramatic so I started off just yelling "Excuse me, I need help!" When no one came I just started yelling loudly! The doctor came running and saw me. I didn't want to stand up because I didn't want to get it everywhere. UGH! GROSS!

We laid low on Friday when Friday evening Ada threw up. She had nothing left to give and dry heaved until 1:30am. It was so awful. Saturday she barely ate. I kept her hydrated but by Sunday morning I was growing concerned. Everyone was stir crazy so after two days of telling the girls we couldn't go cut the Christmas tree down Greg decided to take the two older girls and I stayed home with Ada. She would not drink anything. Ada would back bend and shove the bottle away. I finally called the doctor and since she hadn't peed in over 24 hours they told me to take her to the ER.

Searching for the perfect tree! (Photo by Greg Ehlert)
I'll spare you all the details of the ER (i.e. moaning man yelling profanities and policeman delaying an arrest) but let's just say four and half hours and 5 nurses trying to get an IV into Ada wasn't a trip to Candyland. At one point four nurses were each holding a limb tapping away at Ada's veins to find one. They failed four times and then called the pediatric nurse from another floor who tried and failed as well. We then started to give her Pedialyte and she actually took some. The took her blood and found she was dehydrated and her blood sugar was low. 

Ada sleeping on me in the ER.
As of Monday she still was having a hard time drinking anything. I am starting to use the syringe like the doctor suggested to get some liquid in her. She has peed some which is good. Please pray for Ada and pray for me in caring for everything. One moment I am great and the next moment I wonder how we are going to do it. Thank God for Greg who is a true partner!



I want to push the pause button for you! This is crazy. As if vacation doesn't throw off a family enough, now you have sickies.

Many prayers for Ada and I'm glad to hear that as of Tuesday morning she's eating larger amounts. It's so heartbreaking to have a sick child, especially a baby. Sweet girl.

Love and prayers,



  1. Uff, lots of prayers for you and Ada today, Ann! Hopefully this makes you smile...Stella was just now carrying a baby doll around, giving it kisses. "This is my friend. She's a baby. She's Ada!" Me: "Oh, that's so sweet." And then: "She's a dolphin!"