Friday, September 7, 2012

Registering for Twins


With another friend finding out she's having twins, I thought it was time to make these twin registry tips public. I've had a handful of moms ask about this, and I remember it being a major source of anxiety for me when I was having the twins. I wanted just enough stuff to keep everyone happy (ha!) but not so much that it looked like a Babies R Us showroom.


Bouncy chairs (2): And if you spend lots of time in more than one room, consider another set.
Cribs (2): Some families keep kids in the same crib until they're rolling, but ours were such screamers I just couldn't.
Exersaucers (2): I had 2 and loved them even though it's a major sacrifice of space. If I were to do it again I'd make one of those a bouncer.
Baby gym (1): They loved being under it together!

Boppies (2) with lots of spare covers: This is how I fed them bottles for basically the whole year.
Pack'n Play or Moses basket (1): There will be a time, night or nap, when you have to separate temporarily. We swear by the Moses basket.
Strollers: First of all, a double snap'n go is a MUST! And we love our double BOB but if you aren't going on tons of walks then any old double stroller would probably do.
Pajamas (1,000 sets): I keep our babies in PJs for many months, so having lots of footie pajama sets was a great thing. BIGGEST WARNING: Don't buy any with snaps or buttons, and if you get some as gifts, I don't care how cute they are, put them in the return pile.
Sound machine: Not unique to twins, I love our machines and the myriad of sounds they block.


Swings: Only 1 was necessary. Space hog! What was I thinking?
Johnny Jumpers: These are fine but exersaucer served same purpose and they just became a tangled mess.
Pajamas with snaps and/or buttons. See above.
Front carrier: When I had Hayden I used my Bjorn all the time, but with the twins it sat and collected dust. Who are you going to choose to strap into the pack? You basically just let them scream while you get 5 minutes of things done and then go back and tend to the babies.

Can you think of others? Hoping my other moms of multiples friends will add a comment!




I remember you wondering what to register for and it's really hard to know when you've never had two at once before. I know you love your two high chairs. At some point you'll have to tell people how you went to the grocery store with twins and then three under 2! Here's my experience with twins.



  1. I'm having twins too! Tnx for these tips :)
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  2. I had twins in December and I swear by two main products. #1: Aiden and Anis muslin swaddle blankets. My twins loved to be swaddled and these blankets were large, soft, and breathable. I wasn't afraid to leave them in the crib as they were so light. They also sometimes would double as a burp cloth when one wasn't handy. #2: the Nose Frida. Super freaky looking as it is a tube to suck snot out of your babies nose with your mouth. No matter how bizzare it looks, it will save your life when your twins have colds and can't breath out of their nose. Essepcially since both our babies are Paci kids.
    A couple things we also enjoyed were having two Nap Nannies rather than the boppies. These are a bit pricier but the straps helped keep them in place when they were able to squirm away when they got older. We also had them sleeping in them for the first three months so that reflux would be reduced. They were and still are great. We also liked the Newborn Rocker (Fisher-Price). We used these next to our bed instead of pack n plays or bassinets and they were perfect! They slept on an incline so reflux was reduced and they foldup so you can slide them under the bed. We also taveled with them and while they were awkward in shape they were still easier that two pack n plays and way lighter. Last thing is two Bumbos and trays. These were perfect for feeding first foods and easy to set up with some toys while you cook or fold laundry. Gives them a different perspective rather than flat on the floor.
    Hope this helps!


    1. Thanks for the suggestions, Lindy! I've heard you talk about that nose thing--might have to give it a try with the next baby. That bulb sucker is useless!

    2. The Nose Frida is the best! The baby will hate it but it really gets the snot out.

    3. Are you guys getting a kickback from these people?! ;)