Wednesday, September 5, 2012



I'm officially the parent of a child in elementary school. Really? Somehow that makes me feel a bit older than turning 40 in a couple of years.

Catina asked if she should cross her leg like that. She's camera trained!

Catina had a fabulous first day! All summer long I was concerned about her going, only because she was experiencing a lot of fears. She was afraid of elevators and was always concerned some natural disaster would take place, like a flood or hurricane. She never seemed afraid of the idea of school, which I am grateful for, except she did have some concerns about getting up an hour earlier than usual!

This weekend we began talking about the morning routine. We hoped she would get dressed and brush her hair before watching a tv show. This summer it's been nice having Catina wake up on her own and watch a show before we stumble out of bed. After the show she eats breakfast and reads scripture with us. Then she brushes her teeth and she makes sure has everything ready for school before she can play.

Getting ready for school chart.
Last night Greg and I gave Catina this necklace to wear her first day. The school's mascot is the owl so this was a fun gift to have and wear. She was excited to have it and is enjoying collecting owl stuff.

Owl necklace
We walked to school and both Catina and June wore their backpacks. June seemed a bit disoriented and unsure about Catina leaving her white we waited in line for Catina and I to go in the classroom. Greg took the younger two home to wait for our return.

Walking to school!
I teared up walking her to school. I would've been bawling if I saw my hair looking like Farah Fawcett's!

Right away Catina met up with a friend from preschool in line and we were escorted in to the class where Catina found a fun hat with her name on it to wear. The parents did a scavenger hunt with their child in the classroom and made a fun face that represented themselves. Catina wanted to rush through the hunt so that I would leave and they could get on with their day!

Catina standing by her cubby.
The face Catina made that represents her. I'm not sure what the purple and hot pink circles are. I'm hoping it doesn't mean something horrible in psychology.

The parents were then asked to attend an assembly where we learned about the PTA, pick-up and drop off procedures and lunch time. It felt so strange being the parent and thinking about my mom and how involved she was in the PTA and in our school. It seemed like our parents knew what they were doing but I'm thinking they were just like us and had no idea.

Unfortunately it was pouring on the way home from school so we were soaked but that didn't suppress Catina's excitement or June's for seeing her sister return home! Tomorrow is a whole day where Catina will stay for lunch. She packed her lunch already and it's not even 2pm. She is very excited to use her new lunch box.

New lunch box!
A whole day away for five days a week seems like a lot but seeing the joy on her face and knowing what a great school we are attending I believe we made the right choice. 




I'm so prouf of Catina! We would have been cryng like babies when we were kids. (Wait, I'm pretty sure we did.)

Here's to getting old, PTA mama!



  1. And I love this piece. Especially the commentary under the photos :)

    1. Got my haircut today because of one of those darn photos! :)

  2. I can resonate with EVERYTHING here...this sounds SO much like our own week! I love that my daughter is loving school, but I still haven't come to terms that other people get to keep her for 6+ hours a day!!!

    LOVE the morning routine chart...may have to borrow that!

    1. Yes, I am concerned all day about whether she ate her lunch!