Monday, September 10, 2012

Are You Done?


Last week we began the fall schedule that I believe the Lord had lead me to. It had been reviewed and prayed over for three months and blessed by some godly people in my life. Everyone who took part in this process felt that the schedule looked good but was very full so they asked me to be cautious to not add anything. All week I felt this freedom having this guide to where I should be spending my time. Freedom to say "no" to things that came my way that would interfere with what the Lord wanted me to focus on. And then Saturday came.

For the past seven years we have hosted a washers tournament. It started before we had children and was a great time of playing the game of washers that your husband, Levi, had introduced us to. Each year the tournament grew and our families grew until it was no longer wise to have it at our home. Eventually we started hosting it at a local park. Last year I was very pregnant, had two girls, and hosted a large party in 85 degree weather. I knew I couldn't do it again without feeling bitterness towards someone--mainly my husband. He loves this party and, although I love the idea of it, I am mainly just working the whole time for others to have fun. I believe there is a time and season for this, but after much conversation and prayer we decided this year the tournament would be for men only and Greg would host it at our home.

The guys determining which washer was closer at dusk.
This was a very hard decision for me but again those same people encouraged me and reminded me of my focus in this season of life. It's not to say we can't do this again in another season when I am more able. So like I said, I was doing good with this saying "no" stuff until Saturday came and I heard a negative comment about women not being invited. It took a lot of praying and I texted a few people such as yourself to pray against this battle that was going on in my mind. By evening I felt peace and when I came home to our backyard full of men playing, laughing and loving spending time together. I knew that for this season it was the best decision. Because I wasn't there the whole time, I enjoyed cleaning up while they were still talking and the event seemed worthwhile.

This morning while I was sitting in the pew listening to a good friend speak the word of God I was encouraged by his message. He had many great points but for the sake of being too long winded, he asked some great questions including this one: "Are you ready to do what God has given you to do?" I wanted to stand up and say "Yes!" I am ready to do what God has given me to do at this moment, in this season, for this time.

Our friend told this story of when his mother was in the hospital and the doctor came in and asked if his mother was ready to give up. This seemed like such an odd question to ask but then the doctor asked them when we should try to save someone who is drowning? Both the reaction in my head and my friend's reaction was that we should save this person right away. The doctor told them that this was not the right time, that we need to wait until the person stops fighting so that they don't fight you and drag you to the bottom. The Lord is asking me to stop fighting and to surrender, to surrender to this season, and let Him save me and be the one who fills me up, gives me energy and gives me wisdom.

I've taken notice of this song by Casting Crowns that I'd love to share with you. It speaks to this message I am learning.

Praying for you and for those who are trying to live out what God is encouraging them to do. I will ask this question that was asked of me this Sunday morning. It is for you and for those who share this space "Are you done striving in your own effort?" Let's surrender together to the God of Truth! (And here ends my sermonette.)



Two things really strike me here: 1) The fact that you would feel joy cleaning up after the guys' party really confirms the decision to do it differently this year. Usually you end up spending the next two days trying to get your house and yard back in order! And 2) I love hearing how the Holy Spirit gave you peace when that was my exact prayer for you on that day. Another confirmation. I don't think this road will be easy, but clearly you're listening closely to what He has for you and that's so amazing.

Love you, and I got your back!


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