Monday, September 24, 2012

One Year!


I can't believe it's been a year since we first posted on this blog. All week I've been thinking about how much has happened to us. Writing to each other has been an outlet that has been very fulfilling for me. I love that we can go back and look at what we've learned.

I remember when we first started talking about blogging together and there were a few things that we hoped our sharing would bring about.
  • We hoped we would encounter Moms in Waiting so that we could partner with them and be there to pray for them when it was hard to pray for themselves.
  • We hoped by sharing our stories that other people would be able to relate and give their input into our struggles.
  • We hoped our friendship would inspire others to be vulnerable in their friendships.
In many ways these things have happened. I'm hoping that in this next year we can connect even more with those around us and dive deeper into these hopes.




Unlike our Madonna play when we were 8 years old, this plan actually came to life! It has been fun recording our journey together and it's fun to actually "partner" together in a project. It has actually made me know you on another level which is really cool.

Too bad we never followed through with our play. No doubt we'd be famous by now.


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