Friday, September 14, 2012

It's a...


Well, as you know we recently had our ultrasound.

I always get my ultrasounds at the perinatologist's office where they can conduct a Level 2 procedure. It's a little more detailed than the standard Level 1 and since it's done at the office and not an imaging center, the doctor is on-site to read the results and tell us about our baby's health. In our case, of course, they are looking carefully for signs of dwarfism.

We pulled up to the familiar office, anxious to sort of get it over with. I'd had the date in my head for a month, labeling it as the day when we'd get some answers. Since we've had healthy pregnancies since Elisabeth we don't have any reason to panic, but there's no doubt it's a day I look forward to, if for no other reason than to get relief.

As we approached the foyer I quickly realized the office was closed. Um, do offices close for dinner breaks? My stomach sank and I quickly called another imaging center, the one most women go to for their 20-week ultrasounds, wondering if my appointment was mistakenly made there. Sure enough, I was supposed to be on the other side of town in 10 minutes for my Level 1 appointment. My Level 1 appointment in an office where nobody would read my pictures and give me any sort of information on our baby. I cried the whole way there. And you know it takes a lot for me to really cry (and by really I mean in response to something other than a Lifetime movie or the site of someone else crying).

When we arrived I couldn't hold in my emotions. Our technician didn't even know our history since we hadn't been there since our first ultrasound with Elisabeth (the one where they did not notice her skeletal issues but because of unclear pictures sent us to the perinatologist's office who did spot her problems, where we've had every ultrasound since). We briefed her (well, Levi briefed her and I sobbed) and she ended up saying she could give me a Level 2 ultrasound, though the pictures would not be read until the next day. It wasn't ideal but we were thankful.

Our baby does not appear to have the issues Elisabeth had, though they would like to watch me carefully because I am considered high-risk. The experience ended up being very pleasant and Levi and I took advantage of having a babysitter and even went to dinner afterward!

Excited to meet our next little one.


P.S. Oh, it's a boy!



I'm so glad she was able to do a Level 2 ultrasound. It is because of your ultrasound with Elisabeth and then the ultrasound I was able to witness with the twins that I realized how important it was and what some of it even means. I learned from Elisabeth's ultrasound what a nuchal fold was and from Levi and Everett's what a healthy heart looked like. Both came in handy when I was reviewing Ada's pictures. 

Yaaay for another boy! I was secretly hoping for a girl only because I have so many cute girl things to pass on but a boy seems so fitting. One more chance for a future son-in-law, baby!


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