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When I was a "career" person I was super loyal to my employers--it was sort of my thing. Not that I necessarily recommend it, but it worked for me.

Back in those days I would say, "They own us." Not in an oppressive way, but acknowledging that we have a responsibility to our employer even when we aren't at work. For instance, even though it's more fun to stay up late, it is wiser to wait until the weekend to do that since it's important to be well-rested for work. We have to make choices outside of work that still allow us to perform well at our jobs. This is also called adulthood.

I have not been functioning well at my job of being an at-home mom to 2 1/2 year old twins and a 15 month old. I've been staying up too late, and I've let the house get too disorganized. Today I actually had to pray that God would help me LIKE my children. Isn't that horrible?! But when I'm not living a life that allows me to do my job well, I'm unhappy. God created us to find joy in our work, and I need to take that seriously!
A fuzzy iphone picture I sent to Ann the other day. I'd given up and just let Hayden play with the Cheerios.
I know the lines get crossed when you're an at-home mom (I can sleep at work! Oh wait, I never leave work.), but the principle still applies. It would be easy to say "It's so hard to be be a parent, you need a break!" but sometimes I think I just need to be a better worker.

Ecclesiastes 2:25
A man can do nothing better than to eat and drink and find satisfaction in his work. This too, I see, is from the hand of God.




You have a great point and because we stay at home I believe the lines can get fuzzy. My desk at work was always super organized but I'd hate for you to see my desk at home. It consists of a few piles and random toys. 

I agree that its good to evaluate the job we are doing and even though we don't have an official boss its good to "do everything for the glory of the Lord." My attitude could be better at times and when I focus on doing quality work rather than slacking I feel much better. I wouldn't refuse a break if it was given to me though! Those are needed, too.

Here's a great song by Steven Curtis Chapman. You might want to pull out your crackers because the video itself is cheesy but I like the words of the song.

I'll close now since I need to go sweep the floor for the 10th time! I'm pretty sure I am going to invent a vacuum system where you push a button and holes open up in your floor and every stray cheerio is sucked into the ground.


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