Friday, May 25, 2012

Brownies Will Have to Do


Jen is on vacation this week. In fact, she is in Michigan for a family reunion! We were able to see her twice. Once for Ada's Dedication (this was a last minute surprise!) and once for half-day in Frankenmuth. I'm pooped from the weekend's dedication and an exhausting but fun time in Frankenmuth today with Jen's family and ours, so I'll leave you with this until next week: How to cut 50 brownies for tomorrow's end-of-year preschool picnic.

I used to cut them with a knife from my drawer. The cuts turned out like this.

Annoying thick cuts!
Today I learned something new. After taking out my "handy dandy notebook," I mean...after I googled how to cut brownies I found out that if you cut them with a plastic knife they cut perfectly! Who knew?

This is my version of perfect!

Next week this household will be working on getting better naps for Ada, potty training June (fingers crossed) and hopefully you will see a post full of pictures from Ada's Dedication. On that note I will leave you with our favorite song about going potty.

Don't hate me for putting that into your head.


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