Friday, May 18, 2012

Rollin', Rollin', Rollin'


Well, Ada is about the same size as your baby, Hayden, when he was born! Last week at the doctor she weighed 10 pounds, 7 oz. Gotta love my little peanut!

Taking a nap on the lawn
She is laughing and smiling so much now. She thinks I am especially funny which melts my heart. When I stare at her I get this funny feeling in my chest and it makes me want to cry. She is so darn beautiful!

Ada playing with her sister, Catina
Ada now loves to roll from her belly to her back both ways! She is almost rolling from her back to her front but hasn't quite gotten there yet. Catina likes to lightly tap her when she does this and she starts a rollin'. I love to see the shocked look on her face when she realizes what has happened. She is also in this phase where she lifts her hand up and stares at it like its from another planet. She is grabbing for toys and has learned to pull her cow friend which plays music.

Ada watching her sisters.
At the end of June she has her heart check-up. We are praying her valve has closed and that she will not need heart surgery. When I think of this possibility I get all panicky, though I'm trying to stay focused and believe that whatever happens will be o.k. Ultimately, we are praying for healing so we are asking others to believe with us for that healing. In June, we will also be checking her thyroid and visiting an ENT. We are definitely looking forward to summer around here so our schedule can be more on the free side!

Sunday we are dedicating Ada to the Lord. Looking forward to you meeting our Ada then!




Part of me feels like I have already met her! I am beyond excited to see all of you, but especially our Ada.

Believing that God can certainly heal Ada's little heart!


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