Monday, May 7, 2012

Congratulations, your child has Down syndrome!


Lately I've been wondering if it's strange that I am not more sad about Ada's Down syndrome. I have heard a few stories where people who have children with DS have come up to a new parent of a baby with DS and congratulated them on the DS rather than the child. I'm sure they are doing this because they know how special the experience is but it is a bit odd.

I get it though. I'm excited about this journey we are on with Ada. Of course there are times when I wonder what it would be like to have no "special needs" in our house, but then I look at my "normal" child and remember that we all have special needs. I think often of where Lord is taking us: What will we learn? Where will he have me in ten years because of this life changing experience?

We wouldn't choose cancer or a divorce, but when it brings a person closer to Christ you can almost be glad. If someone else has the chance at the same path as you because of something that was put in your lives, they too will have the opportunity to grow closer to Jesus. I feel this same way about Down syndrome or even deafness. 

My views are changing as to how I view disabilities. Now I see them as blessings and I might not have before. I appreciate being among them rather than viewing it from the outside. I know I will appreciate Life more because of this journey and will hopefully long for and understand heaven a bit more while I'm here on earth.

On World Down Syndrome Awareness Day, March 21st, I saw this video. 

It blew me away how these children were from all over the world. How could they be a mistake? They permeated every ethnicity and it was beautiful. Their "simple minds" can teach us everywhere to live in the present and to love. I'm looking forward to learning more about this love people say they feel coming from people with DS.

Catina is very emotional, but when she is really sad about something she lays her head near Ada and suddenly becomes very calm. Her baby sister is already teaching her how to go to a calm place where things are simpler and where she feels loved.

May we embrace the challenges in our lives so that we can grow closer to Jesus, that we would learn to live more like Him. 





So many thoughts, but mostly gratitude for your great attitude and also for keeping it real.


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