Monday, January 2, 2012

Baby Ayyyy-duh!


One of my concerns before Ada was born is how the girls would receive her. When Catina first saw me after June was born she would not talk to me. She screamed her head off and it was very emotional for both of us. She gradually accepted June but in the meantime her favorite saying was “DROP THE BABY!”

This time Catina couldn’t wait to go back to preschool and wear her “Big Sister” shirt and bracelet, and show her teachers and friends the picture of her and Ada.

Both girls LOVE Ada! Catina reads to her all the time and she can’t ever wait for Baby Ada to open her eyes so she can do a dance for her. June loves to pat her head and say “It’s me!”
Catina wasn’t able to visit us in the hospital due to being sick, but June did. She immediately said Ada’s name clearly! This is very exciting because she hasn’t said Catina’s name yet. June calls her “Ayy-duh!” or “Baby Duh.”

Dancing for Baby Ada – Photo by Erica Emmons

We haven’t told Catina anything official about Ada having Down Syndrome. We decided not to sit her down and talk to her about Ada having Down Syndrome because we think it will make it sound like Ada’s life is in jeopardy or something. We didn’t sit Catina down and tell her about June’s hearing loss but in time she learned that June couldn’t hear as well and began to learn about why June wore hearing aids. Catina has heard us talk about Down Syndrome and we will tell her about Ada as differences arise, but for now we want her to just enjoy her as Baby Ada, “the cutest baby in the world!”

UPDATE:  Feedings are going o.k. Ada continues to be monitored by the pediatrician and I’ve borrowed a scale to help us keep track of her progress. She is gaining weight but they’d like it to be a bit more before they stop monitoring.

Her blood test came back and confirmed that she has Down Syndrome. She has Trisomy 21. We went to her echocardiogram and her heart looks good minus a blood vessel that hasn’t closed. There is a vessel that normally closes by 24 hours after birth but Ada’s is still flowing. They will check on it again in six months and if it’s not closed they will go in through her groin to close it. It’s not something that is cause for concern right now–more for her future–so they want to make sure it’s taken care of. I’m happy about the fact that if something needs to be done it would be through the groin and not anything more invasive.

The Down Syndrome Guild has contacted me and they are coming to visit Ada next Friday and Early On Education has been notified and we will be setting up an assessment for services soon.



Praising God for so many things and still in prayer, too. Your house already has a revolving door, I can’t imagine MORE people coming for services! But so thankful you do have access to early intervention.


P.S. I want to be a kid at your house. Looks pretty fun.

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