Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Sweet New Baby


Catina (5), June (2) and Ada

At some point I’d love to share more about the birth story. No gory details but like with most dramatic things in my life, I have laughed a lot looking back. Greg and I laugh every time we think of the nurse’s face when she walked in the room and saw the baby was coming out with no nurse or doctor present.

We had Ada Jennifer on Friday night and we were so hoping the pediatrician would see her on Saturday but this wasn’t to be. As soon as I saw Ada, my gut told me she had Down Syndrome. Greg did not see any signs but he hadn’t read as much as I had. My addiction to information regarding my children and future children is endless. I love to read about things. I believe it helps me feel better about making decisions for the future.

Saturday I asked one of my favorite nurses, Pattie, if she thought Ada may have Down Syndrome and she said she thought she did. She began to show me her rounded neck and how there is a line straight across her hands rather than angled down. I felt so relieved to have someone be honest with me. When the OB/GYN who delivered Ada came to see how I was doing I could tell he was avoiding the subject of her “condition.” Nurses never mentioned anything and although I appreciate that, I am also not one to let the elephant hang out in the room.

When visitors came I was honest with them in what I thought. Mainly because somehow I wondered if they were all kind of looking and wondering. Its perfectly o.k. if they were but again I really just wanted to kick that elephant out and say it!

Sunday we were all ready to check out but were just waiting for the pediatrician, Dr. Mitchell. I LOVE Dr. Mitchell! He is so good with our kids and I was so happy he was on call. He has the greatest personality and is full of love. He wears flip flops and sports a Captain Kangaroo mustache. When he came into our room he said “Congratulations on the birth of Ada! I’ve check her out and she is perfectly healthy!” I asked him if he thought she had Down Syndrome. He said that all the signs point to DS but that he has drawn blood and we should know within 3-5 business days.

When he left I cried. Not because she has Downs but because I was so relieved that someone agreed with me and relieved to just know. Since then we have told some family and friends and I believe the hardest part for people is they aren’t sure how to react or what kind of reaction I would like. I’m sad when I see that people are sad or grieving the fact that Ada may have Downs, but I also know they need to have those feelings so that they can move on to getting to know our baby girl. I also don’t know what reaction I really want. Some days I’m sure even I will be sad and some days I will feel overwhelmed. I’m just so glad she is here and excited to learn how I can help her grow to know Christ and bring God glory through her wonderful life!

Please pray for her feedings. They have been frustrating. She is such a sleepy little gal and I’d really like to push for breastfeeding since this will help her develop her mouth for future speech. I’m also wanting her to eat so I have supplemented some with formula. Please pray for guidance and endurance. I have gotten weepy a few times, worried I will fail her in this area.

Love to you–my friend after whom my little Ada Jennifer is named.



Thank you for honoring our friendship with this naming. I love that we have both named our girls after one another (Elisabeth Ann). I remember the moment when Levi and I decided on that name and I swear we said it simultaneously.

I am definitely praying for you, especially in this area of nursing. Feeding sleepy babies can be really disheartening. But there is no way you will fail her (whether you nurse or not).

Praise God for our babies! Makes me think of our verse, and how different our lives are now compared to 13 years ago when we felt like these words were given to us:

The LORD is witness between you and me, and between your descendants and my descendants forever. I Sam 20:42

Much love,

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