Friday, January 20, 2012

Switching Things Up


You know how chaos makes me so nervous and anxious. And it’s not like my house is all neat and tidy, it’s just neat and tidy ENOUGH to please my soul and not make my skin crawl. One of the really boring but critical pieces to this is my need to find a layout and look for a room that I like, that makes me feel at peace. And then I stick with it. And I mean stick with it. (Thankfully we’ve moved just enough that I’ve had to change things with each new location—who knows how long I’d keep things the same otherwise.)

So the other morning I had to move the boys’ play kitchen out of their bedroom since it was being used not as a toy to spark imagination, but as a jungle gym. When they awoke and found it in the living room (holding place), they were beside themselves with excitement. In fact, they played with the previously ignored kitchen the entire day.

Wisdom I gained? Get over myself and switch things up sometimes. This excites them as much as a new toy!


P.S. Since then, I’ve even tried “changing” things while they sleep at night and they are immediately happy when they awake in the morning. Just small things: I move some of their large toys to different spots in the living room; I might set up their Little People garage and cars in the hallway; I’ve even surprised them with dominoes or blocks set up under the kitchen table. Always a hit.


This is where we are so opposite and I say “Good for you!” I LOVE switching things up. I wish I could switch my living room around every few months but there are only so many places to put things. Every child added we have turned our house upside down to make things more efficient and fun. I hope to share some of our most recent projects soon. I’d really love to see your sideboard project and any other pictures so I can have a better idea of how you are living now. And great idea about setting up their toys!


P.S. Our girls love Little People and we find them everywhere. This is Little People hanging out by the sink.

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