Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tests & Ultrasounds (response)


This makes me crazy for you. People’s responses can be so frustrating, I totally know. It’s crazy how this theme of prayer and healing and grace keeps coming up for us.

I remember being so scared of people’s responses when we found out our news about Elisabeth that I actually emailed everyone except you and our parents. And in those emails I decided to be super-specific about how I needed them to act when I saw them: Please do not have sad faces, please do not tell me about your pregnancy. Please feel free to ask me how I’m doing, and understand that I may or may not want to talk about the situation, and let me say as much or little as I like, without lots of questions. I write this only as a suggestion to you, since we know people are going to say well-meaning but ignorant things. We both lived through that with infertility.

So complicated. Praying for all of this.

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