Saturday, October 1, 2011

20-Week Ultrasound

Dear Jen,

As you know today was our big ultrasound. I was pretty anxious beforehand because I know this is where they can see all the baby parts, like the heart. I really wanted Catina to come with us and that was the plan from the beginning but when it was time to leave she decided to stay home. I’m not positive why, but somehow I do think it has to do with us being at the doctor. The last time this ultrasound was set she said she had a stomachache and couldn’t come. I think this is the first time I really disappointed by her not wanting to do something for me. I envisioned her there and I was really weepy when I found out she wasn’t coming. It was the first time I wanted to pull out that old line “After I’ve done for you….”

Once we were in the ultrasound room I felt much better and was excited to see our little one. The baby was being really stubborn and wasn’t letting the tech see all of the heart and spine. We were having really bad luck with finding out the sex and she couldn’t see the face at all. No cute ultrasound pictures for this kid! The tech kept making comments about how she couldn’t remember the last time she didn’t find out the sex of the baby. Finally, right before she gave up she told us we were having another girl!

A girl! I can’t believe we will have three. Its funny how just the day before I mentioned how funny it was that you have three boys and I have three girls. Its like I knew she was going to be a girl. Greg was happy and felt like the middle name of the baby came to him during the ultrasound. We have a boy name but do not have a girl name so it was special that he thought of something we both liked.

I think this makes it official for our families. Together we make the Brady Bunch!


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