Friday, October 19, 2012

Work At Home Mom


I've always felt a little less-than when people comment about women being great multitaskers. I've always known I had trouble multi-tasking, but this phase of life has really brought it to the surface.

What's particularly difficult for me is juggling the day-to-day versus the brain-required tasks. If I have something on my list that I know will consume my brain, it actually BEGINS to consume my brain the minute it hits the list. Even though I know full well I can't even give the task an ounce of energy until kids go to bed or Levi gives me time on the weekend, it will weigh me down like a ton of bricks, making those already-difficult every tasks almost impossible. This is an issue with working out of the house.

I've been doing this freelance work for more than a year now. I am so thankful for the work. We started praying that God would somehow provide more income (even though I wasn't looking for work and Levi's salary was set in stone). A week later I got a call from a previous employer asking me if I could do some projects on the side for him. No coincidence. I love the work and the flexibility; it's actually the perfect scenario for me.

But sometimes the work isn't just PowerPoints and marketing posters, it's laying out a book or going back and forth with printers. Knowing the task is going to require concentration, not to mention parts of my brain that are a little dusty, I start feeling the pressure...and the pressure makes even the most menial of everyday tasks feel like an obstacle to that Brain Task that's coming. Doing laundry feels like a burden because I have this Task waiting for me, nevermind that I know full well I can't touch it until tonight!

Of course I'm learning to manage all of this, but I just completed one of those weeks where my whole family felt this weakness. Thank goodness my husband can crank out some laundry!




I think its unbelievable all that you do. I'm glad the Lord has given you strength to do it all. You are doing amazing job and I don't believe this is your weakness. You actually got it all done even if Levi did the laundry. I don't doubt that this feels heavy on you and there are times I wish you could quit even though you don't mind the work. I'm glad you and Levi are in it together.

Seriously, Jen, there's nothing that could've made this week better except hiring a sitter and having someone else do the work!



  1. I started to time all the mundane things I do around the house. Knowing that the dishwasher takes 7 min to unload, the kitchen 4 to vacuum helped with my mental space. I also am a huge fan of lists so I can cross things off- even if I can not attempt the big things until later, at least I feel like I am getting towards them.

  2. Thanks! It is true that our "menial" work actually takes a lot of time.