Friday, October 5, 2012

A Little Walk For A Big Cause


This past Saturday we went on our first Buddy Walk. Buddy Walks are held all around the country to celebrate and raise money for those who have Down syndrome. We decided not to get all crazy big this year for a variety of reasons. Time is always a factor but also because we weren't really sure what it would be like. Would it be fun for those coming? Will it be surprisingly emotional? Would it be worth having all our friends there?

Catina with her face painted!

Ada pooped out before we even walked.
So far I've participated in two other events surrounding Down syndrome. The first one was going to see Kelle Hampton at a book signing at a landscape nursery. I went by myself with Ada and fortunately ran into a friend. It felt odd and weird and I struggled with a variety of emotions while I was there. In the back of my mind I was concerned that this event would bring on those same emotions so it was nice to have a few close friends and family go with us rather than a larger group so if need be I could process with them while I was there.

You've got to love a good moustache.

Greg and I in the middle!

Our friends in family with their sombreros!

The event was so much fun! Catina can't wait to go back to the Down syndrome party next year. There was face and hair painting, animals to pet, houses to bounce in, walls to climb, trains to ride, music dance to, good food to eat and so much more. People created teams and dressed up for the person they were walking for. We chose to be Ada's Amigos mainly because Angels were already taken but I'm very glad it turned out that way. We were able to dress up and shake our moroccas while we walked.

Catina, June and their friend Molly on the train.

My Dad being his usual goofball self.

Before the walk began there was a ceremony announcing who had raised the most money and various children with Down syndrome lead us in singing, the national anthem and some poems. It was great to see people of all ages with Down syndrome. Right now it seems easy to have a baby with Down syndrome and I hope it continues to just be a part of life, but looking into the future it can sometimes look a bit daunting.

My friend Kate with her son, Nathan, talking to Darth Vader.

Our friend Chuck with Darth Vader.

This is my favorite photo of that day. Chuck with Chewbacca. SERIOUSLY?! All for Ada! : )

This month is National Down syndrome month so I hope to take some more time to share more about Ada. Not only to help those who have children with Down syndrome, but to help all families become more aware about this amazing part of our population. I also want to share some more of the emotions I have had for those who may have felt the same way I did, so we don't have to feel alone.

I'm really looking forward to next year's walk and sharing this time with more people!




I'm so glad you were the Amigos, too! So much more fun that a bunch of sweet angels.

Can't wait to see what kind of fun everyone will have next year! I'm so thankful it turned out to be a great day for everyone, including June and Catina who will look forward to this big party every year!


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