Monday, October 8, 2012

More About Catina Than I Expected


A couple of things are on my mind before I get to the point that is lingering in my brain. First off, I've noticed that sometimes I sit down to write to you and start thinking of those who may listen in on our conversation. I don't believe I hold back a whole lot because of who may be listening, but I do consider them when I think I want to write something that I think may be boring or self-centered. The things is, in our friendship, I don't hold back anything conciously. I tell you the boring and the exciting, and sometimes it's the boring stuff I love to tell you most. 

Catina at the cider mill. She even asked to ride the ponies. A former fear!
I want to talk about my children a lot because exciting or not-so-exciting--things are happening. All three are in different stages experiencing different challenges and victories. There is also a lot going on in my heart and brain that I am processing in regards to who I am as a person. So I sit down to write and at times don't even know where to begin. This would be the case today. 

Hopefully in my next post I will be able to share what is changing in my heart and what I am learning, but for today I'd love to share about the three girls. I'd love others' input as well as wanting some to know that they are not alone. Some of this may be "boring" but it's what is important to me!

Catina's school photo. She's so darn photogenic!
Before Catina started kindergarten we prayed for the right teacher for her and God has answered our prayers. This lady is amazing! She's so gentle, loving and full of energy. A week after school began I noticed Catina was running down our block every day after school having to use the restroom...she was not "going" at school. Naturally I became concerned for her health and hoped there wouldn't be an accident to cause embarrassment. I talked with Catina's teacher and she gave us permission to practice after school one in awhile. 

The first time practicing Catina wouldn't even go near the bathroom. I had to carry her and her feet were firmly planted outside the door! She stood in the doorway and watched me wash my hands, walk around the room and I even did a silly dance to show her how it was completely fine to be in the bathroom. Nothing happened that day but we did have a good conversation on the way home about reasons why she didn't like the bathroom which included: it's noisy, dark and that boys pee on the floor (though we aren't used to that in our house).

A drawing Catina drew of her and her sisters. LOVE!
The next week I went back to practice again and she entered the bathroom and even let me shut the door. We danced and laughed and she seemed more comfortable. When we came out of the bathroom one of the para-pros in her classroom asked how we are doing and I let her know what we were "practicing." She was very excited to help with Catina and bent way down to talk to Catina at eye level. She told Catina she was available to help her at any point during the day to try to use the restroom so there is never a reason to be afraid. Catina promised to try the next day with her. 

The next day came and as I walked up to the school Catina and her teacher came out holding hands, coming towards me looking very excited. Catina had used the bathroom. TWICE! And, guess what? She used it twice the next day, too. This all seems trivial in some ways, but this year has been a year of facing fears for Catina and I am so proud of her and grateful that she has been able to face them. Definitely,a life lesson that can be used forever.

Catina likes to take my phone and snap random photos.
I haven't even told you about the things going on with June and Ada but it seems that I should end here and write about the others later this week.

Thanks for being the good friend you are. It's been great being on this journey together even in these "little" things. I've appreciated the texts from friends who wonder how Catina is doing with her bathroom time. You are always sure to ask.


P.S. I love how I have no idea what you will write before we post our letters and that I get to wake up tomorrow and see your response online. That truly shows how much we trust each other!


During the whole bathroom ordeal I was just so amazed at how patient and calm you were about it all. I think you just trusted that it would happen it time and it did! I hope Catina is super proud of herself. And relieved, in every sense of the word!

Thanks for sharing. Since I'm discovering I have an especially quirky boy in the works I know I'm going to benefit from these lessons. Maybe I'll be calling Catina in a few years asking her to talk him through some of this! (And then they'll become buddies and want to talk on the phone all the time, and before you know it she'll become a Matteson....)



  1. Nope, not boring. Keep it coming! :) I for one love reading little snippets of other people's everyday lives.

    1. Thanks! That means a lot. I am in the same way in that I love to hear people's stories. I could just sit around and listen and read. So fun!