Friday, August 3, 2012

The Sleep Manifesto


Just in case anyone who reads this post would like a fast ticket to feeling out of control, I'm going to share a few tips I've picked up along my short journey of parenting. Let's call it:

THE SLEEP MANIFESTO: How to Drive Yourself Mad
  1. Read every book, article and post on sleep. 
  2. Dread the infinitely annoying question, "Does he/she sleep through the night?" and feel the need to respond honestly.
  3. Ask your friends how their kids are sleeping. Commence comparing.
  4. Rehash your evening to your best friend and/or husband every morning.
  5. Believe friends with older kids who say "It gets better!" They aren't lying, they're just callous.
I know my bar is high. All three kids are on the same schedule, but so help me, when someone falls out of line it's like my entire day is out of sync. This is another great tip--expect perfection. Because failing's fun, right?

Of course this is so much worse when the kiddos are young, which is why I do actually have some honest advice that I'm giving myself (and ask that you remind me of this when baby comes):
  • It's only a season.
  • It does get better in a lot of ways.
  • And finally, IT IS WHAT IT IS.




You hit the nail on the head on how to keep yourself insane! Let's just add the fact you'd love for all three of your children (or for you the twins) to sleep in the same room. Greg and I have a dream that our children will share a room and in this they will learn to share and love one another. We are hoping to prepare them to share and love people that they encounter and what better place than to start in your own home?

At times it is completely insane! We've had so many variations of how we've gotten the girls all to share the same room. The most current version is where Ada is on the floor in the office, June starts off in our bed and Catina goes to her own. All three girls go down one after another in half hour increments starting at 7pm. When Greg and I go to bed we carry the two younger ones into their beds and one by one they wake us up in the morning. Catina and Ada are rarely the issue. It's our ever-so-sweet and smiley 2 1/2-year-old, June. She loves to throw stuffed animals into Ada's crib or pull Catina's hair once she is asleep. She drives me mad! We've tried time outs and waiting, waiting, waiting for her to fall asleep before Catina goes to bed, but she is stubborn enough to wait us all out. We finally came to this solution and for now, it works. Whew, and good night!

Here is a sweet photo of Ada sleeping in the office. Isn't her sleep position amazing?!

I'd love to hear any tips from our friends if they have any. Or would that just drive us more batty?



  1. I am almost thirteen years into my parenting journey. Our sleeping statistics are poor. Our oldest slept through the night for the first time on Feb 10, 2007. He was 7.5...wait for it...years. His baby brother was born Feb 24, 2007. There are nights we sleep, nights we do not...weeks we sleep, and weeks we do not. I give up. I am thankful for the good stretches and for coffee. You are totally right, as my Oma would say..."It is what it is"

    1. Oh my word! Giving up seems like a good way to avoid the frustration and those are the nights I feel best. Its not worth figuring out at times! - Ann

    2. PS I love how you know the date. ; )

  2. That picture is the best thing ever Ann!