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So, it's no secret that I've been an animal lover for as long as I can recall. One of the things that attracted me to Levi was his love for animals, too, especially dogs.

A few months after we were married we adopted Buddy, our 14-year-old golden. We adored him and embraced the "childless with dog" lifestyle and eventually bred him and got Augustine, his beautiful, blonde son. We loved our dogs and really didn't mind everything that went with it: chasing them through the neighborhood when they escaped the yard, frequent vet trips, and even hiring housesitters when we'd go out of town.

Enter kids. Before the twins could crawl, the dogs spent days lounging beside them, taking a sweet protective role.

Sweet Buddy watching over Everett and Levi
when they were just a few months old.

But the minute the twins could crawl and bother the dogs, we had to start separating them. Little by little life got more hectic and the kids were unpredicatable with the animals, so they spent a lot of time away from us. It made me sad but it really wasn't an option.

Everett, Levi and Buddy once again.
Augie was probably digging his way out of the backyard.

Now that the kids are older they spent a lot of time around the dogs and they all get along wonderfully, but I'm not gonna lie--it's totally insane. Three kids chanting "Mama, mama, mama" plus two barking dogs are usually enough to make my head spin, especially with one canine who constantly digs out of the yard and escapes! Even with our dogs who are older and trained, it's a lot to handle. Not that I would change it for the world, but I have to admit that having animals during the kids' younger years is an added challenge. On the other hand I would encourage everyone to expose their kids to animals in the family. But don't say I didn't warn you.




If I could have a dog like Buddy I just may have one...some day! I remember when Catina was two years old we came to visit and how gentle Buddy was when Catina would lie down on him. He's just so loving. You're a great mom to all five of the beings you take care of!


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