Friday, August 24, 2012

Scary Babysitter


So I was lying in the boys' room the other night, telling them yet another Mowgli story, and I had a thought: I would never hire the teenage version of myself to babysit for my children.

As a teen I was the "block" babysitter. I'm pretty sure these parents had no clue how dumb I was because they left me with their babies when I was barely 12.

But as you know I am useless at nighttime and, pre-kids, I could sleep through an explosion. I remember parents always explaining they'd be late, and after their kids when to bed to "feel free to relax on the couch and fall asleep" until they returned. Of course I never planned on actually falling asleep, but then I probably shouldn't have covered up, laid back, and rested my head on their comfy throw pillows.

I remember one time in particular when I was babysitting for the O'Riordans, the pretty family in the biggest house on Ferris. I was awakened at midnight by Mr. O'Riordan standing across the living room calling, "Jenni? Um...Jenni!" I startled awake and mumbled something about the book I was reading (no book in sight, by the way). He said, "Wow, you were really out." I stumbled around the living room and couldn't even coordinate my hands to grab my jacket. Maybe the worst part was the 6-house walk home accompanied by Mr. O, me trying to find something redeemable to discuss about the evening with their 3-year-old terror. What must he have thought?

Well they asked me back again and again, so they must not mind a babysitter who would sleep through their kid's screams and a burglar axing down the door. They must have really needed those nights out!




And now you wake up at every sound your kids make! The irony.



  1. This is hilarious because I was just thinking about this the other day. I did that every.single.time I had to babysit in the evening. And I always thought, "come on people, if you had any good tv stations maybe I would have stayed awake!" Wrong on so many levels.

  2. Just saw this, Erin! I wish I remembered what they paid me to sleep.