Monday, July 16, 2012

We're Back!


It was so good to see you and your family last week. I love being in the U.P.! It's so relaxing and the scenery is beautiful. I wish we could've hung out more but it was also nice to have some down time with our immediate families. Lots of reflection going on for me that I hope to share soon.

Candy Parade! Good for us the younger ones had no idea
what the candy was and why they were grabbing for it.

Fourth of July on the beach. (Catina and June.)

Levi and Everett jumping!

What? (Levi)

My favorite picture! (Greg, Ada, Catina, June)

Someone's pooped! (June, Catina)

Ice cream! (June, Catina, Greg)

Fishing! (Catina, June)

Waterfall (Greg, June, Catina)

June wearing Greg's hat!

Storm is coming!





It was great to see you and Greg and the girls in the UP.

We visit Levi's hometown every year over the Fourth of July. It's almost like a reunion. We have many family get-togethers and spend as much time as we can with people Levi grew up with, many of whom are now friends to both of us. But what a blessing that you guys sometimes make the trip and we get the chance to connect!

When Levi and I got engaged over Thanksgiving in 1997, we took a drive up to Copper Harbor and visited Fort Wilkins. We walked around the grounds in the snow and even took photos on the picturesque old wagon. Who would have imagined these cutie pies sitting in the same exact spot almost 15 years later?

Levi, Hayden and Everett

So thankful for many great memories in the UP!


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