Monday, July 23, 2012

Our Story: The Elementary and Junior High Years


When we first started this blog last fall I remember us mentioning that we wanted to tell our past story at some point. I'm realizing what a difficult task that is but I do believe it's important to share. Our story shows struggle and reconciliation and without it we wouldn't have the friendship we have now. There is no way to get into all the details but here is a beginning of the summary:

The summer before first grade my Mom sent me to a few Vacation Bible Schools.They were these week-long, half-day camp things that were free. I know I went to at least two of them and ironically every church seemed to have the same theme. We sang the same songs and I still remember the words to "Jesus Leads the Way." My parents were not attending a church at the time and although they believed in a higher power they didn't seem interested in getting to know Him.

I was super attracted to the love I felt at those camps and one day one of my teachers asked if I wanted to ask Jesus to be my friend forever. Now, oddly enough I was looking for a best friend. I think I was one of those kids who was always looking for their lobster. That's probably why I believe in soul mates. When I told the lady I wanted Him to be my friend forever she asked me "Are you sure?" I remember this because I thought she was crazy. I told her I wanted to, so why was she questioning me? I'm still like that to this day. Blunt. Only then it stayed in my head more rather than spilling out of my mouth!

That next year I started first grade and I met you and I have loved you since. This is not to say we didn't have our rough patches because after third grade we began to fight a lot and I didn't always like how you treated me. I also know I didn't always follow Jesus and could be annoying with my expressions about Him. I thought I knew Him like no one else and even though I think my heart was innocent, I also know there was a cockiness that had to be unattractive.

Our school went through sixth grade and so the year before we entered seventh grade I began to pray for a new best friend. I decided to stop calling you because I didn't think our relationship was healthy. This all sounds weird coming from a sixth grader,  but those were my exact thoughts. Junior high was rough, but the Lord did give me some good friends like our friend Jen B., and she is still someone I can always turn to. It's weird because it's not like when we saw each other at school we ignored each other, but we didn't hang out together anymore. We had a lot of the same classes because we happened to be the smarties. (Um, when did that part go away? Seriously, honors classes?)

Soon I'll share about our High School and College Years and I welcome any additional thoughts you may have!



As you know, I have a HORRIFIC memory. I remember little about my childhood or our friendship, but I do have a recollection of being a bit of a snot in my younger years. God bless all those friends I did have!

Looking forward to sharing more of our story.


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