Monday, June 25, 2012



I can't believe I have to confess this, but I must:
I overdress my babies.

Until they're old enough to keep on blankets, I consider their bed clothes both pajamas and a blanket. Makes sense, right?

Remember how I'd been complaining about Hayden waking up every single night? The other night I tried something crazy, something I secretly judge other mothers for: I sent him to bed in a cotton pajama with SHORT SLEEVES, and NO SOCKS on his chubby little feet. This is quite a change from his fleece footie PJs I'd been using. And he slept through the night. Fluke?

Next night, similar getup. Success.

Next night, similar getup. Another success.

Same temperature in our house every single night, by the way. (You know I get up several times a night to make sure each room is a consistent temp, turning on/off fans and heaters and covering up children.)

I might be a freak.


P.S. And for any other moms who are searching for some random sleep solutions: Remember my saying that he was also wet every time he woke up at 2am, despite the size 6 nighttime diaper? I found a solution that has served me for a week! I give him a bath every single night before bedtime. The minute his booty hits that water he pees like a fountain. Empty bladder for bedtime? Check.



I am laughing because, although I have thoughts like yours, I only make the effort to actually check on them once in awhile. I figure they will let me know if they are uncomfortable. Oddly enough your point is a great one and made me realize that Ada sleeps better when she isn't over-bundled. Sometimes I am pretty sure she must be cold but it's the nights she is cooler she sleeps! Go figure.

Since we are discussing night time I just went in and snapped a photo of her. I never understood the footie pajamas with short sleeves but now I do! Someone was using their noggin.

As for the bath before bed time...I wonder if that only works for boys. And for the record you are a freak!



  1. Jen, you crack me up so much. My confession regarding pajamas is that I sometimes feel no compulsion to change the kiddo out of them until we have to go someplace. Sometimes I even let her play outside in them! (I AM SLACKER MOM HEAR ME ROAR!)

    Anyway, I'm so glad you figured out the Hayden-waking thing. You're one smart mama!

    1. Roar away. You know that's one of the things I love about you, how honest and imperfect you are. (That was a compliment. Did it sound like a compliment?:)

  2. Ann, the footie pajamas with short sleeves you loaned me with Emery (think they were pink with mouse bib) were my absolute favorite airplane outfit! Perfect balance of keeping warm but not getting too hot!