Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Mom in Waiting: Lindy

This post is the first of a new series, Moms in Waiting, in which we'll highlight the stories of women we've been praying for over the years. Are you a mom in waiting? Visit our prayer page and let us know how we can intercede for you.

My friend Lindy suspected from a young age that one day she’d struggle to conceive. Until she was married and in her 20s her periods had been practically nonexistent, maybe occurring once or twice a year.

In the fall of 2007, after one round of ovulation induction, Lindy and her husband celebrated a positive pregnancy! In the summer of 2008 they joyously welcomed their firstborn.

I remember seeing her weeks before he was born and I announced our long-awaited pregnancy (for Elisabeth), and her reaction melted my heart, she cried such happy tears for us.

A couple years later when they weren’t conceiving “naturally,” they knew they needed to pay another visit to their fertility specialist, the reproductive endocrinologist.

In the summer of 2010 Lindy started the regimen of injections to prepare for another ovulation induction, feeling like a human pincushion. I remember asking her how she felt about all the shots and she had the best attitude, saying it’s just what we have to do to get our babies!

Sadly this round of assistance did not end in conception. It did, though, end in uncomfortable cysts that made even picking up her 2-year-old difficult. And the financial strain of infertility was starting to hit home:

We are beginning to feel the financial strain of all of this and I am not sure how much longer we can keep going. It seems like we just started and already the bills get bigger and bigger. Man, the money just drains away so fast when you go through this. Please pray.

By fall, Lindy and her husband felt ready to take on another round, her 2nd. She spent days administering the medications, making her ultrasound appointments, but her body just didn’t take:

So backward news today. I started my period, ON MY OWN! Why now of all times for my body to freak out? I am extremely disappointed, but am trying to trust that God has His plan that is best for me.

In December of 2010 Lindy began round 3 and found out she and her husband were finally pregnant! I remember her saying she just didn’t feel confident about this pregnancy for some reason and she looked forward to going in for the ultrasound to confirm it. (When you have assistance you typically have a 6-week ultrasound.)

I remember getting the devastating text while I was in the hospital, days after my Hayden was born. She was a couple months along. Lindy says the miscarriage was the worst 2 days of her life. Ugh, that too-familiar feeling of grief plus the fear that This is it? Will there be no baby?

A short time later Lindy underwent one more round of “help.” This was the 4th round and the last before taking on IVF. She had a great attitude but was growing weary and scared. Why wasn’t this “working”? As she waited on results from this last cycle, I remember the message she sent to Ann and me, who were fervently praying for her and her husband:

As the evil lady from the movie Tangled says "All good things to those who wait". We will happily wait for whatever God has that's good for us.

In their case, evidently “good” came in the form of babies. In December 2011 her and her husband welcomed their adorable twins.

Lindy is a beautiful woman and artist. See her amazing work here: http://lindypatterson.com

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