Friday, March 30, 2012

Ada is 13 Weeks!


Its been a few weeks weeks since I’ve given an Ada and family update. Ada is eleven weeks old and our family is so in love with her! She smiles at us a lot and when she grins her little ton sticks through her bitty infant lips and she coos. It's adorable! She is still a lightweight and is just 9 pounds. 

Ada receives two therapies a week where she gets a lot of tummy time and stretching. She can lift her head up really high when she pushes up with her hands. She now nurses twice a day and the rest of the time takes pumped breast milk with the potential of one formula bottle a day. The bottles that contain breastmilk have an added supplement to boost calories for weight gain.

June is concerned when Ada is not in the room but otherwise June doesn’t pay much attention to her. Catina on the other hand can’t get enough of Ada. Every morning all three girls come into our bed and Catina wants to be the one to hold Ada. She can’t wait to see her when she gets up from sleep or comes home from school. It's very precious.

When we first found that Ada was not nursing well I became concerned about her food supply. Nursing her was one way I believed I could provide for the family financially and I believe in all the good immunities breast milk provides. We have received a bunch of formula from about five different families who had cans left over from their babies. All the same brand and same kind of formula that we started using for Ada! In the beginning I felt the Lord telling us He would provide and He certainly has. We even had a mom who was weaning her child and pumped some extra milk for Ada!

A few weeks ago we received a check in the mail for medical expenses. Some of our friends pitched in for Ada’s future. It was very overwhelming to receive such a gift and we are so grateful. We have set it aside for Ada’s future needs such as special shoes, glasses, etc. Since then we have received money more from friends who wanted to give to Ada. I’ve written over 40 thank you notes!

In this, I am speechless. What do you say to such generosity? Is just saying thank you enough? I am praying people believe and feel our gratitude and most of all thanking Jesus for using His people to show us a tangible way that He is near.




So many praises!

I really do relate to the speechlessness. But I just think of how excited I am to give, especially when I know it cannot be repaid, and how these people are experiencing that blessing of joy right now! I think realizing the gift is appreciated does make it sweeter, but it's really just knowing you were able to be a part of someone's life that makes it really special.

So many people love you guys and I bet they are elated to have the chance to reciprocate some of the love you've shown them.



  1. I agree with Jen! What an amazing thing your friends did for you. I can't believe it, and yet I can, because you are surrounded by incredible people. Praise the Lord for such insightful and sweet friends.