Thursday, November 24, 2011

Maternal Fetal Specialist

Dear Jen,

This morning was our ultrasound and the nuchal fold was a 4.6 mm but was reported to the specialist as a 5.  This means she is at a lower risk for Down Syndrome. This was relieving to me not because she may not have Down Syndrome but because I realized how I really don’t want this pregnancy to be wondering and worrying but want it to be focused on her coming. We still have a 1 in 12 chance of her being Down Syndrome but somehow it caused me to switch a button in my brain to not worry anymore. If she is, she is and if she isn’t, she isn’t.

We have decided to tell our family and friends about the monitoring that will be going on. I have an echocardiogram scheduled and will have monthly ultrasounds. Also, we believe people need to get used to the idea so that there will be quicker acceptance once she is born if she does have Down Syndrome.


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