Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Elephant in the Room

Dear Jen,

So, I’ve been hanging out with some friends and it feels like there is this huge elephant in the room. I am wondering about my baby but don’t want people to judge her before she is even born so I don’t want to tell them. Everyone thinks everything is perfectly normal but I am trying to figure out my emotions. The strongest one coming through is not wanting people to look at her as some sort of freak. I already know she is special and we are so happy to even be having a third child.

When we found out June (our second) was deaf I feared people’s reactions as well. I didn’t always like their reactions and their statements were sometimes so stupid. Most people were more concerned about how her hearing aids would stick out and how she would look rather than the safety of not being able to hear well or her having to work harder than others to speak. I know these were all first reactions and people don’t know what to say but this is what I fear!

Lord, fill me with your grace.  This is my prayer.


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