Friday, February 10, 2012


As you know, my husband is never short on hobbies to explore. And he doesn’t just talk about it, he masters everything he tries and then readies himself to take on something new. (I can’t complain, who doesn’t like maple syrup? Thank goodness he listened to me when I nixed the bee harvesting idea, though.) I don’t typically participate, but this Christmas we thought it would be fun to make wine to share with family and friends.
Levi did all the work, I stepped in at the 11th hour to help bottle and design the labels. It was actually really fun, and of course it’s a nod to the boys. 

Wish we could have celebrated together and toasted our families with this yummy piesporter!
First off, the labels are the cutest! I wish liquid could go through the mail so that I could have a bottle of this displayed in my kitchen.
We’ve talked about this before but this is one of the many reasons you gotta love Levi. He is so quirky with his hobbies and interests and he actually follows through with his ideas. That looks like way too much work for me! Thank God you are his wife who goes along with his crazy schemes as if they are normal.

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